Fluorescent carpet for lasertag arenas,

bowling, lasermazes, escape rooms and other attractions

The soft, soundproof, easy to clean, durable and fluorescent carpet GLOW carpet» will make a visit to your center a memorable one.


What is a fluorescent carpet meant for? 

Wow-effect is very important in the entertainment industry. Due to this, visitors can get into another reality, where their positive emotions from games are intensifying. A fluoerecent carpet under a blacklight creates this effect immediately, complementing the painted walls and other design elements. Look at these examples for comparison. You can see the same interior with a simple black carpet in the left picture and with a fluorescent carpet in the right one:































Such carpet looks spectacular and attracts visitors. And now the Eropean Entertainment Centers get the opportunity to make it qualitative and beautiful at affordable prices. 

15 lasertag arenas

laser mazes

1 bowling

1 minigolf

15 cities of Russia and Europe

4869  glowing square meters

ковролин без рисунка
Обычный черный ковролин
Светящийся ковролин, ковролин дл лазертага, флуоресцентный ковролин
Светящийся ковролин для боулинга
обычный ковролин
Светящийся ковролин, ковролин дл лазертага, флуоресцентный ковролин, лазерный лабиринт

Our advantages:

Fire safety.

Safety first! Our carpet meets the fire requirements of new entertainment centers. It is confirmed by the relevant fire safety certificate.

European manufacture of the highest quality at affordable prices.

The product is made with advanced European technologies. The same carpet may be ordered in the USA at a cost of $15 per square meter, excluding delivery and customs payments. Our prices and terms will surprise you.

10% discount if you replace the carpet at the working site.

We appreciate your preference to the luminous carpet.

We can develop a suitable color for you at the request of the interior designers and painters. You can also choose and  one of the basic prints. In the development of print we take into account not only the theme of your establishment, but the complexity of joining during installation and the cost of trimming. There are 10 fluorecent colors in our palette.

We will find the best option in proportion of price/quality/complexity of installation/complexity of maintenance.

Free samples.

You can get samples of carpet absolutely free, so that you may check its quality and make sure its luminous characteristics. You should just appeal to one of the feedback forms. 

Carpet maintenance is quite easy. You should vacuum it occasionally in accordance with the attendance of your center. 

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