​This page has some helpful information about our carpet. 

Types of basis.

You can choose between synthetic jute and synthetic felt. Technically, both the bases are considered to be durable. Felt is softer and can be easier laid, while jute is more expensive, more rigid and more durable. Visitors will never know the basis of your carpet, if it is laid in a proper way.




Now you have to understand how many meters of carpet must be ordered. In this question the two points are important:

The first point is the shape and area of the object. The more square or rectangular the shape of the object is, the lower expenditures for the trimming are. It is recommended to create the approximate scheme of the laying of cloths based on the width of a roll of 2.5 meters for calculation. It is also necessary to consider the availability of additional constructions, if they are implied (a viewing platform, gaming towers, etc.). The recommended minimum of extra space is 5% of the area. If you are having doubts, please send us a plan of your room.

The second point is the pattern of the carpet. In the design section you can see our options with a small black strip at the edges, which allows to exclude the need for joining. In this case, the consumption of the fabric is minimized and the process of laying is easier. In case of docking patterns, it is necessary to lay an additional supply in accordance with the size of the color selection. Such a pattern may increase the order by 10% or more





The recommendations on a carpet laying and maintenance.

Half of the duration of successful carpet maintenance depends on the quality and laying conditions. Even the most durable fabric may be torn in a year if it is improperly laid. Here are the basic tips for success achievement:

  1. The floor. It is necessary to lay a carpet on a flat rigid surface. A concrete screed is the most suitable one. If it is impossible, you must consult the professionals to learn how to level the floor. It can be done with sheets of hardboard, a mixture for troweling, and even a paper tape. Any roughness will create surface tension and a carpet will be torn after a while.

  2. The process of laying. The more complex shape of the room is, the more reasons to consult the professionals you have. They will lay, join and trim a carpet in a proper way and then glue it without bubbles and excess scraps. This is the most important part of success. A carpet laying technology has its unobvious features. If you have no opportunity to use services of the professionals, you have to read the algorithm and the nuances of a carpet laying

  3. The glue. Use specialized glue for carpets. Another type of glue can react chemically with fabric, and as a consequence the pattern can "ran". The greater area of fabric is glued, the less probable it is that the carpet will get rubbed. The necessity of gluing also dependents on specifics of the floor. 


In General, I advise you to leave this difficult business to the professionals. Then the carpet will lie for five or more years.

The maintenance is pretty simple. It is necessary to vacuum the carpet occasionally, according to the attendance of your establishment and the weather. If the attendance is large and it is raining or snowing outside, we recommend you to vacuum it three times a day to clean the dirt, small particles and reagents. If there are no people in your establishment and it is dry outside, it can be cleaned every two weeks. Do not spill liquids on the carpet (water, liquid for smoke machines and other), it may harm its appearance.

I hope this article was useful for you. If you have any questions, you can contact us through any form of feedback.

The recommendations on lighting.

Please, follow the recommendations on lighting, so that the carpet may lie for a long time and its appearance may make happy its visitors.

First of all, the daylight mustn’t come through into the room.

Secondly, use only qualitative lamps. The more their power and their number will be, the brighter the pattern of the carpet will glow. We recommend you to use the fluorescent lamp of 38 Watt, diode lamps or tapes of the appropriate range.

Thirdly, when you install lighting, take into account the height and the plan of the building.

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основа ковролина
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Светящийся ковролин, ковролин дл лазертага, флуоресцентный ковролин